Results 2012

Sat05/19/1211:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 1 (Olympic)score
Wed05/23/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Tuneup Racescore
Sat05/26/1211:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 2 (Sprint) UK-Halseyscore
SA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 3 (Sprint) UK-Halseyscore
Spnt (fleet)UK-Halsey Sprint Regattascore
Sun05/27/1211:30:00 AMSA7Lady (fleet)Lady Skipper Series - Race 1score
Wed05/30/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 1score
Fri06/01/1206:00:00 PMSt. JoeLong (fleet)Long Distance Series - Race 1 (to St. Joe)score
Sun06/03/1209:00:00 AMSt. JoeLong (fleet)Long Distance Series - Race 2 (from St. Joe)score
Wed06/06/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 2score
Sun06/10/1210:00:00 AMZimmerLong (fleet)Long Distance Series - Race 3 (Zimmer)score
Wed06/13/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 3score
Sat06/16/1211:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 4 (Sprint) Crowleysscore
11:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 5 (Sprint) Crowleysscore
Sptx (fleet)_Crowleys Sprint Regattascore
Sun06/17/1211:30:00 AMSA7Lady (fleet)Lady Skipper Series - Race 2score
Wed06/20/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 4 (Yacht Club Challenge 1)score
Fri06/22/1208:00:00 PMKenoshaLong (fleet)Long Distance Series - Race 4 (to Kenosha)score
Sun06/24/1208:00:00 AMKenoshaLong (fleet)Long Distance from Kenoshascore
Wed06/27/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 5score
Sat06/30/1211:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 6 (Trapezoid)score
Sun07/01/1211:30:00 AMSA7Casual (fleet)Harbor Challenge - JAM ONLYscore
11:30:00 AMSA7Single (fleet)Single Handed Challengescore
Sat07/07/1211:30:00 AMSA7Perf (fleet)Performance Series - Race 7 (Olympic)score
Sun07/08/1211:30:00 AMSA7Double (fleet)Double Handed Challengescore
Wed07/11/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 6 (Yacht Club Challenge 2)score
Sat07/14/1211:30:00 AMSA7Lady (fleet)Lady Skipper Series - Race 3score
Sun07/15/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 1 (Olympic)score
Wed07/18/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 7score
Sun07/29/1211:30:00 AMSA7Casual (fleet)Vintage Boat Race (circle)score
Wed08/01/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 8score
Sun08/05/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 2 (Sprint) Weathermarkscore
SA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 3 (Sprint) Weathermarkscore
Comp (fleet)Weathermark Sprint Regattascore
Wed08/08/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 9score
Sun08/12/1210:00:00 AMSkippersLong (fleet)Long Distance Series - Race 5 (Skippers Club)score
Wed08/15/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 10 (Yacht Club Challenge 3)score
Sat08/18/1211:30:00 AMSA7Lady (fleet)Lady Skipper Series - Race 4score
Sun08/19/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 4 (Trapezoid)score
Wed08/22/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 11score
Sun08/26/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 5 (W-L) Marano by Skywayscore
SA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 6 (W-L) Marano by Skywayscore
Dmr (fleet)Dominick Marano Regattascore
Dmr (fleet)Skyway Regattascore
Wed08/29/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 12score
Wed09/05/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 13score
Sat09/08/1211:30:00 AMSA7Lady (fleet)Lady Skipper Series - Race 5score
Sun09/09/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comp (fleet)Competition Series - Race 7 (Olympic)score
Wed09/12/1206:40:00 PMSA7Beer (fleet)Beer Can - Race 14score
Sat09/15/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comm (fleet)Commodores Cup - Race 1score
SA7Comm (fleet)Commodores Cup - Race 2score
Sun09/16/1211:30:00 AMSA7Comm (fleet)Commodores Cup - Race 3score
Sat09/22/1211:30:00 AMSA7Open (fleet)Goose Island MORF Open - Race 1score
SA7Open (fleet)Goose Island MORF Open - Race 2score
Sun09/23/1211:30:00 AMSA7Open (fleet)Goose Island MORF Open - Race 3score
Mon09/24/12Boty (fleet)Boat of the Yearscore
Sun09/30/12Season (fleet)Season Summaryscore