OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD – Request for redress hearing Purple Line Race held 7/18. Zoom Meeting Tues 7/21 @ 7pm

Gaucho has filed a request for redress on the finish of the Purple Line race, the first in the Long Distance Series, held on 7/18. MORF protest chairman Dennis Bartley has called for a hearing to be held on Zoom on Tuesday 7/21 at 7pm. The boats who raced are Gaucho, Mazal Tov, Serenity, Tenacity and Touring Machine. If other wish to attend they should email

OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD Purple Line Long Distance Race Sat 7/18 Starts and Finishes at Mark #8

Due to the missing #1 mark on the SA7 circle the Purple Line Long Distance Race, which starts at 10am on Sat 7/18, will start and finish at Mark #8 of the SA7 circle. This increases the length of the race from 28.1 to 28.6 NM. Competitors are reminded of the MORF rules for finishing race committee boats:

All boats must have an accurate time keeping device set to the correct time and writing materials for recording finish times. A boat that reaches the finishing mark and finds no committee boat on station shall pass the mark close aboard and record her finishing time. She shall then take station approximately 50 yards from the finishing mark in a direction perpendicular to the direction from the last mark before the finish thereby establishing the finishing line. She shall then record the finishing times of subsequent finishers. A boat shall serve as finishing committee boat for one hour unless relieved earlier. After one hour she shall inform the next finisher that she is required to relieve her as finishing committee boat. That boat shall then take station adjacent to the serving finishing committee boat and record the finishing times of boats for the next hour. If no boat finishes between 60 and 70 minutes after a boat has taken station as finishing committee boat, she is excused. A boat may serve as finishing committee boat for longer than one hour at her discretion. A boat that fails to comply with this finishing committee boat instruction shall be penalized one place in that race.

All boats should email their finish time(s) to


MORF will be racing on Sunday June 28. This race is open to all with no fee. SA7 and Government marks will be used. The course is 14NM starting from SA7 toward the 4 mile crib. It can be shortened to 8NM if conditions warrant. 10 MORF boats have already said they will be coming. Everyone else in the community is invited.

If you are not a MORF member sign-up by emailing your boat name, sail number and PHRF rating to from an email address where we can reach you. Comummication will be via the MORF notice board The NOR and SSIs will be available there shortly

Compliance with all state and local regulations are the responsibility of the