The MORF Open, sponsored by Skyway Yacht Works, will be held on Sunday September 13 at Starting area 7 at 11am. Everyone in the community is invited.

If you are not a MORF member sign-up by emailing your boat name, sail number and PHRF rating to from an email address where we can reach you. Communication will be via the MORF notice board. The NOR and SSIs are available. There is no fee.

Compliance with all state and local regulations are the responsibility of the Skipper.

Peter Cooper
Morf Secretary

OFFICAL NOTICE BOARD – Results of Redress Hearing for the Purple Line Race

A redress hearing was held on July 21 over Zoom to resolve a redress request for Long Distance race #1, the Purple Line, run on July 18. The committee consisted of past Commodore Dennis Bartley, Protest Chair and past Commodore Carl Stineman. The skippers of the five boats who raced all attended plus a couple others.  The issue was where boats finished the race; the R8 mark was 1/2 mile out of position.  The decision of the redress committe was:

Redress is granted as follows:
1. Tenacity will be scored as Finishing the race.
2. Mazel Tov, Serenity, Gaucho and Touring Machine will be scored Did Not Finish (DNF).
3. The course length will be calculated based on the actual location of Mark 8.

The full report is at: Purple Line Redress decision  The scoring has been updated to conform with the redress decision.

OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD – Request for redress hearing Purple Line Race held 7/18. Zoom Meeting Tues 7/21 @ 7pm

Gaucho has filed a request for redress on the finish of the Purple Line race, the first in the Long Distance Series, held on 7/18. MORF protest chairman Dennis Bartley has called for a hearing to be held on Zoom on Tuesday 7/21 at 7pm. The boats who raced are Gaucho, Mazal Tov, Serenity, Tenacity and Touring Machine. If other wish to attend they should email