Official Notice Board – Lady Skipper race #4 Sunday 7/9

Sunday, 7/9, is the 4th Lady Skipper’s race. This race will be In partnership with COLYC as part of their Halyard Hustle race. They will be providing a start for Morf Lady Skipper racers. That start will include both the JAM and Spin boats. No entry fee will be required. Morf Lady Skipper racers should register for the race at They should select “MORF Lady Skipper” as the section; disregard the payment process, and just go back to “Home”. Our JAM and Spin boats start together in Section 8.

DOWNLOAD AND READ the Si’s for this race from the yachtscoring website. Print it off and take a copy with you to the boat. There are lots of marks and lots of courses with different sections having different courses. Don’t get lost or confused. I can’t begin to calculated who will cross whom, and at what angles, on the course – keep you eyes open. Anyone who has ever done the St Joseph River Yacht Clubs’ Rhumbline regatta will find this race familiar. It should be an experience.

Fly a section “8” flag if you have one. As usual, provided I have your finish time, which will be on the yachtscoring page if you sign-up, I will rescore this race with Morf scoring (TOD) and Morf ratings on the Morf website as part of the Lady Skipper’s series. This is a Columbia race. They will hear any protests.