OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD – Results of Appeal to US-Sailing of the Open race 1 protest appeal – 03/02 hearing scheduled

The results of the Open Race 1 Protest Appeal was appealed to US Sailing. The decision of US Sailing’s appeals committee is to Disqualify (DSQ) Gaucho, Whisper, and Tide the Knot from Morf Open race 1. We were directed by the US Sailing’s appeals committee to hold a hearing to consider redress for the three disqualified boats. That hearing will be held at 5pm before the MORF Winter Meeting to be held beginning at 6pm on Saturday March 2 at The Chicago Maritime Museum. 1200 West 35th Street, Chicago 773-376-1982. All MORF members and the skippers and crew from the boats from the community who participated on the MORF Open are welcome to attend the hearing and stay for the Winter meeting.

The History of this protest can be found on the Notice board. The details for the hearing can be found at
Redress Request

Peter Cooper
MORF Secretary